With our 14 Day Program, Get Ready to KICKSTART Your RESULTS!
At SHREDD KC, Your 14 Day KICKSTART Will Define The Healthy Habits, Skills, Game Plan, And Knowledge You Need To
Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals!
  • 14 Days of Unlimited Team Training: Our circuit style strength training classes are perfect for beginner or advanced clients.  
  • 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions: Get hands on guidance on form and technique from our Certified Personal Trainers.
  • Shredd Welcome Pack: Includes healthy eating and supplement guide as well as everything you need to know to feel comfortable at the gym.  Shredd KC will be your new happy strong  place. 
  • inBody Scan: Progress tracking is the best way for you to see results. The scan reads your muscle mass, body fat percentage and helps guide you to a healthy range.


We know you have plenty of options for gyms in Lee's Summit, but we are the very best life changers you’ve ever met and we guarantee results. Each of our trainers are professional and serious about helping you achieve your goals. Our capabilities range from extreme weight loss through nutrition coaching and workout programs to professional sports performance and competition prep. Whatever your goal - we can help. Because we care about each individual that walks through our door, we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals. We firmly believe in educating our clients for longterm success and work to positively impact as many people as we can. If you trust our process, we will change your life and retrain your mind and body to live a healthy lifestyle forever.
Take The First Step To A New You!
When you sign up for our 14 Day Kickstart, you'll get:
14 Days Of Training, Nutrition And More!
Discover the Transformational Fitness Program That Produces Real Results Like This:
Get to know SHREDD KC:
Start With A Goal Setting Appointment 
Get started with a goal setting appointment where you’ll discuss your goals with a certified Fitness Coach. This goal setting appointment alone is $100 or even $200 at many local gyms and it’s included in the Shredd KC - 14 Day KICKSTART!
Fitness Program Designed Just For YOU 
Your Fitness Coach will set you up with a 14 Day Workout Program that's designed for your specific goals whether it be Fat Loss or to Gain Lean Muscle!
Experience 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions
Meet with your Fitness Coach 4 times during your 14 Day KICKSTART and experience the benefits of personal support, feedback, and advice. Your Fitness Coach will help you learn new exercises, guarantee proper form and technique, and ensure that you’ll see results.
Perform an Assessment
Your Fitness Coach will guide you through a function movement screening that will assess any imbalances in mobility or stability that may impact your training, your goals, or the exercises you perform. This screening process helps prevent injury. 
Healthy Eating Guide with Macro Guidance  
Your Fitness Coach will provide you with 14 Days of Nutrition Programming Designed to fit YOUR specific goals. Whether your goals are to BURN FAT or GAIN LEAN MUSCLE, our Nutrition Program will do so for you!
Attend Unlimited Team Training
For 14 days, you can attend as many Team Training sessions as you would like. With unlimited access, it’s easy to find a time to fit your schedule. Our Team Training classes are perfect for beginner or advanced.  
    Get a Jumpstart On Your Fitness Results By Diving Into Our 14 Day KICKSTART Program Today!
    With our 14 Day KICKSTART Program, we make it easy for you to get started!  In just 14 Days you will have hands on experience of both our Training and Nutrition Coaching, and you'll be well on your way to a new you! Let us KICKSTART your results TODAY!
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    When we ask our clients why they wait so long to get started, the most common answer involves the time it will take to get fit.
    Because everyone is different, we can’t make any guarantees about how long achieving your dream body will take.

    Yes—you will see results in just 14 days—but the more important part is this…
    With the GYM NAME's 14 Day KICKSTART Program, you’ll start with a personalized plan that works for your goals…and the longer you wait to get this personalized plan, the longer it will take for you to see results.
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